Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland provides professionally built PC’s to your specification for gaming or business use.

We also have a specialist team who can diagnose and repair any custom PC.

Do you get nervous when the time comes to buying a new computer or laptop? Don’t want to get it wrong? At GeekMobile Computer Repair Auckland our team can procure the right machine for your needs.

Anyone can build a PC with the right instructions or youtube tutorials, so what really makes the difference between any old PC and a professionally built system by Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland?

For starters, our team has been designing and building PC’s for over 15 years, so we have a huge amount of knowledge and experience in building highly reliable systems that deliver the most performance for your budget.

These are many benefits when buying a professionally built system from Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland versus building it yourself.

No Compatablility issues:
Buying professionally built PC from Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland cuts out the headache and the chance of one component being incompatible with another.
Our technicians will do all this hard work for you, ensuring that when your system is delivered it performs flawlessly.

Time scale:
Building a PC only takes a few hours, but installing all the software and making sure that everything is configured properly and that your software runs stably takes up a huge amount of time. By ordering a professionally built system from Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland, this take this time consuming process away, all our PCs and systems undergo a Quality Control procedure which includes updating Windows, installing the latest drivers and motherboard BIOS.

When we build our PCs we don’t just build them we take out time to route and tidy all the cables around the sides of the case. This not only makes your PC look great and easier to upgrade in the future, but eases airflow through the case resulting in a cooler and quieter PC. In addition, we can customise your PC for you, not just the components inside but also its appearance, so if you fancy a PC in an unusual shape or colour we look forward to any challenge.

Turnaround time and delivery:
Sometimes you just need a system right now. Maybe your existing system has died or you’ve found that your old machine just can’t hope with the latest game or application you have. Either way, we pride ourselves on having your bespoke system built, tested and delivered personally within 5-6 working days, a lot faster than most of our competitors.

Warranty and Peace of mind:
In some cases PC components do fail, like any electrical piece of equipment can. When this happens if you’ve built your PC yourself you’re on your own, with Geekmobile Computer Repair Auckland’s professionally built system you’re no longer alone. Our technicians are available to troubleshoot, diagnose and deal with the warranty all for you. Our machines come with a standard 3 year warranty (extendable if required).